Last December, Cut the Rope 2 was launched as an iOS exclusive and the game maker ZeptoLab had also said that the game would arrive soon to Android devices as well. Keeping its word, the company has finally pitched the game on Google Play Store and will be made available to Amazon Appstore on March 30 i.e. tomorrow. Taking a close look just below the “Install” icon on Play Store, is says the game has “Offers in app purchases.” Now this look interesting as ZeptoLab seems to be making much money out of it and that could be smart decision for making the game available for free.


Company CEO, Misha Lyalin said “Our fans with Androids have been eagerly awaiting Cut the Rope 2 since the iOS game first became available in December. We have been working hard to bring new content and challenges to this free version, while maintaining the all of the fun and simplicity that made Cut the Rope 2 great.”

The game involves few concepts of motion physics where you need to feed candies to the character Om Nom by cutting ropes and the new latest version comes with a new story line and challenges. You will come across new missions, new adventures, new character to meet, new locations to explore and much more it an absolute extravaganza. There are few added features like customization, in-game power-ups, new missions and challenges at every level, interactive maps, hints and much more.

ZeptoLab has one more reason to celebrate as the company has achieved a new milestone crossing 500million downloads in the entire Cut the Rope franchise including all versions.

Just go and hit the Google Play Store, download the game and enjoy!