It has just been two days since the launch of Oppo Find 7 and we have seen in our previous article that the device hosts some spectacular features. One of the most interesting features that we saw with the device was the 13MP camera offers a 50MP super zoon feature. However, some doubts were raised whether Oppo offers a particular software for the super zoom feature on the device. Some recently leaked image sample from the find 7’s camera show that this is not the case. Here are few of the images.

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gsmarena_001 gsmarena_002 gsmarena_003 gsmarena_004 gsmarena_005 gsmarena_006

The phone actually sports a 13MP camera only but according to the company, the camera’s super zoom feature has an ability to take photographs which give out results similar to the 50MP sensors. We would like to wait for the device to be out for sale so that we too can get the hands-on experience with its sensors.

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