The head of Xbox, Phil Spencer has agreed on Microsoft’s changed attitude towards Kinect. These changes come after a strong consumer feedback about the high costs and being forced to use the Kinect. Xbox one console has been available in the markets with kinetic at a price of $499, but the company has decided to sell a camera less version of Xbox at a lesser price of $399. 

So all those who don’t require Kinect with their Xbox one can now buy it, that too at a cheaper price. Moreover, if you feel like getting Kinect camera after you buy Xbox one, you may also buy a stand-alone camera later on.

Alternative gaming consoles, such as PS4 are strong competitors of Xbox in the market. Cutting back on prices by Microsoft has put them in a better position as its price is not at par with PS.

Adding to this, Microsoft is also planning to bring a few changes in how Xbox gold works. Previously, it was imperative to pay for services like internet explorer, Netflix, skype etc., to use these facilities on your Xbox. This ensures that customers don’t have to pay twice to use these services on Xbox gold. It is also been expected that Microsoft may launch an Xbox application store.

Even after all these changes in Xbox, it is critical that Xbox gives a strong competition to play station. Now that Microsoft has agreed to make changes according to customer feedback, lets see if the demand goes up or not.