Mini Motor Racing may be a comparatively new Windows Phone 8 arcade designed racing game with quality graphics and difficult racecourses. The cars ring a bell in me of these miniature RC cars and there are many racing car designs to unlock. Add over three-hundred races to win with 2 racing modes and mini Motor racing won’t grow stale too fast.

The game has seen good success over on iOS and supported what we have seen, Mini Motor Racing ought to see similar here on the Windows Phone 8 platform.

Mini Motor Racing’s main menu has your accustomed choices to leap into game play, access the game’s choices and visit the sport’s in-app purchase store and choices to follow the game on a spread of social networks.

Game choices embrace audio/sound effects levels and selecting a steering possibility. Steering choices embrace 3 completely different titled.

• Toggle: this selection has 2 directional arrows for left/right turns and a nitro button lining the lowest of the screen.
• Tank: the same layout to the Toggle vogue however with the left/right flip buttons placed within the bottom corners of the screen and also the nitro boost within the bottom centre.
• Slider: Interchange the left/right steering buttons with a slider bar to regulate your car’s direction and place the nitro button next to that.
• Wheel: this selection features a virtual handwheel in situ to guide your auto with the adjacent nitro button.


Additional management choices embody the flexibility to flip the controls, auto acceleration, and a shake choice to activate the nitro boost.

Second image

It’s troublesome to mention that steering possibility is that the best. I favour the Tank possibility that places your steering controls in additional of a natural location. The Wheel possibility was nice however with an overhead perspective, it’s simple to urge confused on that approach you ought to flip the wheel. I am undecided if a tilt management possibility would be higher.


Mini Motor Racing’s vice modes embrace a Career Mode and a fast Race. Fast Race is simply that, a fast method to jump into game play after you solely have the time or want for one race. You’ll select one among the twenty accessible race cars and 38 race tracks. Cars and tracks square measure increasingly unsecured as you win races.


Career Mode is simply that too. You contend in races to earn money which will be accustomed unlock extra cars and upgrade cars. You contend across an equivalent 38 tracks and have an equivalent twenty cars that are accessible within the fast Race mode.

Car decisions vary from your typical racetrack racer to a college bus to Associate in Nursing Indy Racer. Tracks have Associate in nursing equally big selection that features dirt tracks at the beach to road courses within the town. The choice of tracks additionally includes day and night running.

Game Play

The running screen for Mini Motor racing has your location and race times within the higher left corner of the screen and within the higher right corner, you’ll see a map of the track. Across rock bottom of the screen are going to be your athletics controls. You start the race with 3 Nitro Boosts and you’ll be able to raise that by assembling power-ups that seem indiscriminately on the track.
Game play is simple. You man-oeuvre your automotive round the track with the goal of winning the race.


Racing is somewhat on the brutal aspect with different racers side-swiping you’re motor car, pushing you off the track and overall being terribly aggressive drivers. You ought to use your Nitro Boosts in an exceedingly timely manner to form somewhat separation between you and therefore the different cars.
The key to Mini Motor Racing is finding a steering choice that you just square measure snug with. The choice is a lot of a private preference than a style issue. Every choice is responsive however you will realize one management choice more leisurely than the opposite.

Overall Impression.

I have to admit that when enjoying Mini Motor racing for a brief amount, I wasn’t that affected. Graphics were very nice; the styles of the tracks inventive and therefore the races were positively competitive. What created the sport un-appealing were the steering controls.

However, once I settled in on a configuration (the Tank option) that was snug the sport began to grow on ME. The Career Mode has lots of play opportunities wherever you’ll be able to earn money that may be wont to upgrade your existing race fleet and get new cars to expand your fleet.


Mini Motor Racing is not robust enough to knock off Asphalt 8: Airborne however it’s a powerful contestant if you wish an additional casual sport game. Whereas the controls can take a number of laps round the course to urge accustomed, the most important draw back to Mini Motor Racing is that the lack of an effort version. I’ve ne’er understood the logic behind not providing an effort version as a result of its good method to promote you app or game.

The full version of Mini Motor Racing is currently running $.99 and the game is available for Windows Phone 8 devices. You can download Mini Motor Racing here in the Windows Phone Store.