Smartwatches are in trend right now. Large technology companies such as Apple or Samsung are competing to design the best smartwatch which is currently available in the market. It does not really matter whether the smartwatches are running on Android or Apple Smartwatch operating system. The most important thing is that the operating system is designed with the latest technology to deliver whatever the manufacturers are promising to the public. It is surprising that if you bought a Samsung Gear Live watch, it turns out that it can run Windows 95 on the device. Windows 95 is an old Windows operating system which released almost a decade ago. It is an amazing discovery!

Corbin Davenport, a 16-year-old web developer from Georgia, has recently uploaded a video of him running Windows 95 on Samsung Gear Live smartwatch. Samsung Gear by default comes pre-loaded with Android 4.4W. To be able to run Windows 95 on the device,he downloaded an apps, aDosBox x86, a simulator from Google Play Store to do it.

Samsung Gear Live comes with 512MB of RAM which is sufficient to run apps using the default operating system from Samsung. However, it turns out that it has performance issue when it tries to run the normal apps in Windows 95. On top of that, it keeps running out of memory due to the problem with emulator.