If you have not travel to Japan, you must go there at least once in order to get the best tech gadgets and TV shows like Godzilla. In fact, the technologies and tech gadgets of Japan are really attractive enough that is going to launch thumb-shaped stylus for the larger display Smartphone.

Now a day the Smartphones are becoming larger and larger that are hard to use in one hand. Specially, reaching to the top of the display will be most difficult for the large display Smartphones. Therefore, Japan has brought out the thumbs-shaped stylus for the larger display Smartphones. Therefore, the thumb will give you almost 15mm with this new shaped thumb stylus.

Thumb-Shaped Stylus for Large Display Smartphone Comfortable Usage1

Thumb-shaped stylus for large display Smartphone will give you a good one hand usage support while you are standing in a train or bus. Play game or start Facebook because you will be easily going with this new stylus easily with good shaped stylus. Moreover, your finger touches may be slow but the stylus will increase the response time of your display.

This thumb-shaped stylus dimension is 49 mm x 25 mm only with 11 grams in weight. The current price of the Thumb-shaped stylus will be $15 for worldwide and ¥1,480 for the Japan.