A new concept by Hasan Kaymak is already out that shows up the device called HTC One Bloom 3.

This concept is recently based on Android 5.0 Lollipop which shows the HTC One Bloom 3 smartphone in a sleek metal body with curved edges, with dual-front speakers and the screen still remains of unknown size. There are also some front-facing camera at the upper right corner of the device. However, this concept includes and shows only the front side only and the rear side hasn’t been rendered and it still remains as a surprise. Additionally, the specs for the device haven’t been clearly unveiled.

Once again we would like you to note that this is just an concept design whereas the real device assembly for HTC One Bloom 3 might be completely different. Check out the images below and enjoy the concept.

HTC Bloom 3 concept 1 HTC Bloom 3 concept 2 HTC Bloom 3 concept 3 HTC Bloom 3 concept 4 HTC Bloom 3 concept 5 HTC Bloom 3 concept 6 HTC Bloom 3 concept 7 HTC Bloom 3 concept 8