Another update regarding Windows phone 8.1 has been revealed. Microsoft, the software giant has declared that it will lend a support to Windows phone 8.1 from the 24th june of this year. It has also announced the dates when the support will end. The total period of support offered by Microsoft to Windows phone 8.1 is from 24th june 2014 till 11th july 2017.

Redmond has promised to make updated to the OS during this period including the security updates also. Hence, it means that a series of updates shall be made; therefore, to download the latest update provided, you must have already installed the previous one on your device. Albeit, the final decision of whether updates will be available or not remains in the hands of the manufacturer and carrier. So its good news specially for those who are under contracts. 

Windows phone 8.1 is been expected to be launched within a week along with Nokia Lumia 630. Besides, Chinese markets may receive the device anytime from now. Therefore, it means the updates will start coming as soon as Microsoft starts supporting it. Support for Windows phone 7.8 will expire in a couple of months after the support for windows phone 8.1 starts.


Probably it is time you update your device soon too.