Sony has announced launching of its PlayStation TV across US, Europe and Canada at its news conference in E3 2014. The Japanese company had introduced the PS Vita TV last year in Japan and now it is launching the same internationally in Europe and North America as PlayStation TV with a minor variation.


The Japanese PS Vita TV was white in color and the PlayStation TV is basically the same box but in black color. It is small in size, about 2.5” x 4.1”. The PSTV is set to release in fall this year with a price tag of $99. This is the same price that Apple TV comes with. Sony is also offering a package for which you will have to shell out $40 extra. The $139 package includes the PSTV unit, a controller, an HDMI cable, an 8GB data card and a copy of “The Lego Movie Video Game”.


The PlayStation TV can also pair with the PlayStation 4 and allow remote play on another TV in the house that is on the same network. Games can be streamed from the huge games library in PlayStation Now. Select Vita games and other games can also be downloaded from the PlayStation Store. Players will be able to play around a thousand games this way.


The PSTV will also stream content but what type of content it will be has not been announced by Sony yet. It will surely be entertainment content such as videos, movies, TV shows etc.

So what do you think of the PlayStation TV? Considering the value for money, it seems like a great deal.