The security of women is been debated hugely nowadays. Everyone is concerned about the growing crime and looking to find possible solutions to tackle this situation. An android app and bios platform called ‘bSafe’ has come out with a palpable solution. It has been designed in a way that your family and friends are informed about your location through their smart phones. So, if you feel unsafe to travel alone during late hours, this app would probably act as a safety assistance.

Talking about the design of ‘bSafe’; there is an “I’m here” option available by which you can set your current location with your network in a few clicks. Your network can be anyone of your friends and family whom you chose to be a part of it. Once your location is set, other users can follow you by using the GPS in their device. There is also a timer mode inbuilt with the app, which will trigger an alarm if you do not reach your destination on time. Both these features combined make it easy for people to keep a track of your location, movement and time; obviously the ones you chose for it.

Even after all these features, you still are not sure about it; there is a ‘guardian alert’ button available too. As the name suggests, when you chose this option, the application will automatically alert the people in your network that you are in a problem and seek help. The GPS will help them know about the whereabouts easily, and the video option will tell them what is happening.

The application comes with an additional fun feature, which has been introduced by a few companies in their devices. It is called the ‘Fake call’ and it is quite clear to guess what it does. You can just set a reminder and your phone will ring; this could be used to avoid unpleasant situations by just leaving the place and pretending to take the call.

The application is good for all those who work late at night, so just pick up your phone and install it in your phone.