The faux leather design was implemented by Samsung with the release of its Galaxy S5. Of late the faux leather covering has become an obsession with Samsung. It recently launched an external battery pack with the same faux leather design. Having a capacity of 6000mAh, the pack can charge the S5 twice over.

Featuring a neat, built in, retractable USB connector; the Samsung EB-PG900B battery pack measures a neat and compact 74 x 140 x 11 mm. It weighs 173 grams and comes with a LED charging indicator. As of now, it has been released only in white, and retails at a price of $60 (`3599). The European price for the accessory, once it goes outside India, is expected to be €40.

Initial reviews of this battery pack are not very positive with comments ranging from overpriced to having less capacity. Of course other brands give much higher capacities at smaller sizes. But Samsung maintains its brand name and has done a good job with the design of this accessory.

Samsung came with the faux leather look with its Galaxy S3. It also launched an updated ATIV Book 9 Style 15.6” laptops with full HD design recently, with the same faux leather cover. By Atelier released a full leather cover for Galaxy S6 and its accessories recently. The limited edition cover comes in orange alligator leather and is available in the company’s retail stores in China, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Macau. It is also available in exclusive retail stores all around the world.