Every android wearable’s are not trying to bring all new features in its devices. Although many of the Smartwatches are trying, Pebble is still one of the best according to the users and reviews. Finally, Samsung has figure it out and bringing new Samsung Gear Circle that will slightly work as a Bluetooth headset.

There are many options that you will get in the Samsung Gear Circle including handling phone calls, works with S Voice call and others. On the other hand, this will have a built-in vibration that will always alarm you at the time of getting notification. You will only have some LG headsets that can give you the same feature like this.

The new Samsung Gear Circle has a good S voice system to speak that will convert your text to speech and give you notification to hear. The officials have said that this will have “intuitive touch controls” feature but we do not know what’s about the feature. There is no news about the price of the new device but it will be available later this month through AT&T and T-Mobile.