Samsung posted an images on Instagram which is most likely said to be an Samsung Galaxy S6. The handset profile shows a thin device and the background shows some sort of metal. This means that Samsung might break the plastic build design which it had in its previous flagship and come with a more strength offering and polished metal devices.

Samsung is said to be working since long for the design of the Galaxy S6 under its Project Zero program. The company has struggled a bit over the design aspects of its handsets and is now coming up with new designs looking to consumer desirability.

On the 1st of March, the Samsung Galaxy S6 along with the Galaxy S6 Edge is expected to break covers. At the very same day, HTC is also coming up with its much purported flagship the HTC One M9. This we a very crucial time for Samsung as its will decide how the company can move ahead in this year specially during its struggling time.


source: SamsungMobile