Based on the every year release trend, the upcoming Galaxy Note 4 is likely to feature this September or Q3 2014, but many news regarding the device hardware has started popping out. Hankil Yoon, Samsung’s SVP of Global Product Strategy said that this upcoming flagship will have a “new form factor. This could possibly mean that the device would be featuring a YOUM flexible display which Samsung is believed to be working on since long back.


The YOUM display basically features a three display that enables users to read content and notifications on either sides. This is at the moment just a rumor-in-the-air and we would ask to take it with a pinch of salt as the company has no voiced any word regarding the device’s display till now.

The Note 4 will possibly have some of recently launched Galaxy S5’s features like heart rate monitor, water and dust resistance, heart rate monitor, fingerprint scanner and more.

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