Samsung Electronics announced that the company would start to produce the latest 10nm chip in 2016 at the International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC) this year. On top of that, the company was also showcased how the wafer processed during the event.

There was not much information revealed about the new wafer, but it indicates that it will still use the fin-shaped field-effect transistors (FinFET) technology. The 10nm chip also will offer improvement on the performance of the device that uses it. The technology is designed to be used in variety of applications such as consumer electronics, mobile devices, computing, networking as well as data center infrastructure.

It seems like the specifications of the wafer fabrication process are more or less have been finalized and it is expected that the initial process design kits for 10nm should be ready by now. If everything is going as per scheduled, the first tape out will be ready by late of 2015. However, it is not confirmed whether there will be several versions of this 10nm manufacturing technology from Samsung.

According to Handel Jones, chief executive officer of International Business Technology, it seems like Apple will be the key consumer for the latest 10nm chips. If the chips are ready in late 2016, then most probably Apple will use it to make its own SoC chips for Apple’s 2017 smartphones and tablets.