Liu Zuohu announced not too long ago that the upcoming OnePlus Two is coming with a full metal build. Recently, a render of the new smartphone leaked on Weibo showing the back of the device, and it seems like the rumor is true. However, nothing can be confirmed before there is an official statement or the final product has been released.

From the leaked image, one thing that is noticeable is how thin the device is. The predecessor, OnePlus One is measured at 8.9mm and it seems like OnePlus Two will be thinner than that if seen from the image. The top and the bottom of the device seems to be made from plastic which is probably where they put the antenna reception while the back of the device seems to be slightly curved just like OnePlus One. The slightly curved OnePlus Two make it easier to grab while holding the device however, when it is put on top of the table, it will be a little bit shaky, which is not so convenient when using it to play game.

OnePlus Two will also coming with a fingerprint reader which most probably going to be integrated in the home button.  In the previously leaked image draft of OnePlus Two, it seems like there will be a dual-camera setup on the back; however, this arrangement is missing from this leaked image, instead it is showing a single sensor camera with a dual-LED flash.

OnePlus Two will be announced in the virtual reality launch event on 27 July 2015.