Worldwide usage and sale of apps and games on Google play is upsurge by 300 percent over the past year.

Tremendous popularity of Google Play with a purchase of two-thirds outside the United States and international sales soaring up, we are intended to accelerate this phenomenon through effortless and easy payments for user globally .

PayPal comes for the aid

Taking no longer time, we are enabling the service of PayPal for the purchase of Google Play in 12 countries, including U.S, Germany and Canada. With our effort to make purchase on Google play easier, PayPal service is already on the list of Google Wallet, just login with your account and you are ready to purchase .This facility is available for the above mentioned countries .

With an aim to make the payments immensely easier for the users across the world, this kind of feature brings another effort from us delivering a hassle free service to the payment industry and partnering with them.

Google Play gift cards and Carrier billing expanded reaching more countries

Carrier Billing is one of the easy modes of paying the purchases you have done through your phone bill.

And this is available to seven more countries added out of total 24 countries including Singapore, Thailand and Taiwan. Now Google Play users can make an easy and a reliable purchase .Since this provision is now available in almost every country, so every Google user can have hassle free usage with any purchase.

To make it more interesting, we have added Google gift cards for 13 countries altogether, including Japan and Germany.

Alleviate developer sales in more countries

13 new countries have been added where developers can sell their apps on Google Play with some new additions like Malaysia and Indonesia and Turkey, creating exposure and assistance for local app developers in 45 countries. With an ongoing demand of apps, we have scaled up our buyer currency support to 28 countries more, making the task easier to alter or customize your pricing in 60 countries.

We give comfort to the developers to do their own task of just creating engaging apps and games and we make all other task.

Sit Back and Give your best!          

Enjoy the benefits like processing of payments, settling down the currencies worldwide and ultimately depositing the concerned amount to the specific bank account, we take the responsibility of above mentioned and you do your best of providing the interesting and enthralling apps and games.

You make an amusing app and game and here we give you a worth platform and make every purchase and issues related to payments quick, easy and reliable.