The Creative Director of the HTC Company, Daniel Hundt reported that the new HTC One will not look like the logical evolution of the original design. The design of this new HTC One starts with a chuck of metal that gives smoother feeling to the users hand according to the interview answer.

An art of the new handset was showed to the audiences with many concepts by the CEO of the company, Peter Chou. The front and back of the HTC One will be super curvy with a natural metallic body.




However, the HTC was not likely to give hardware elements to impact the design. However, the speakers and antennas need some space with the microSD card slot for the consumers. Keeping basic shape intact of this Smartphone is the vital aim of HTC Mobile Brand. However, HTC does not have some features that other mobile companies Smartphones have! But, still Hundt believes, new HTC One will make a quick impact on “right trade-offs.”


Director HTC has also gave a brief detail on how new HTC One look like and in which way the Smartphone will go! Like some other HTC native features, this Smartphone will also have rear lines, chin and forehead feature too! However, the company is looking forward to with some important metal to the design for waterproofing like Samsung Galaxy S5.

However, Hundt did not clear other features and questions about the new HTC One Smartphone. As a result, you have to wait for the next year in order to get the new Smartphone from the HTC with good feature and design. More sequels and official videos will be released soon from the HTC brand, reported by Hundt.

For now, you can check out and watch the interview with Peter Chou about HTC One Smartphone to get more insights.