Finally, review and quality-check of the Oppo Find 7a is over.Our honest effort to provide you different dimensions of camera and video samples through to measure by yourself. Take a look at Panaroma and Slow shutter feature of the same through these samples . Oppo Find 7a is competent enough of covering up to 180 degrees panorama shots.

Moreover, the final outcome of such facility can give you up to 15MP resolution. One more fact to consider is that you require to hold the handset upright to get those 15MP panorama shots ( which will have 6100x2500px), while the parallel shooting will yield images only a little over 10MP resolution (5500x1900px). Take a look at some of the panorama samples from the device’s lens.

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Oppo Find 7a Panorama sample 1

Oppo Find 7a Panorama sample 2 Oppo Find 7a Panorama sample 3

Speaking of the Slow Shutter mode, it will let you have quite bigger and longer-than-usual exposures .For example, it will range from 1 up to 32 seconds (while comparing it with the Lumia 1020 ,which can only provide a shutter-speed of almost up to 4 seconds, it is quite a deal). Please go through more samples who stands for themselves for such context. Check out some of the slow shutter camera samples here.

Slow shutter camera Sample 4s Slow shutter camera Sample 8s Slow shutter camera Sample 16s