OnePlus – a Chinese tech-company founded by former Oppo VP, Pete Lau still seems to be in its infancy, somehow managed to get abroad media-buzz. Being a small start-up with no serious support behind it, the company has dealt the heat by shooting high hopes and letting their toes with regular teasers.

According to OnePlus, the One will an all-in-one high-end device. And, while we might not have seen the handset itself still, we acknowledge it has every key component that can empower the OnePlus One. Analysing from those, OnePlus isn’t kidding around, and a latest screenshot of the One’s AnTuTu benchmark-score substantiate that idea. As displayed on the company’s CEO Weibo handle, the count of 38,179 points goes beyond what even the newest flagships on the marketplace have succeeded to manage. On the other hand, the Galaxy S5 landed up scoring 36,603 in testing.

AnTuTu benchmarks

It doesn’t make much fuzz while seeing as the OnePlus One’s Snapdragon 801 MSM8974-AC, clocked at 2.5 GHz, is the most effective chipset from Qualcomm at the moment. Additionally, the OnePlus team is getting more attention to its One for a power packed 3GB RAM. The recently leaked samples from OnePlus One’s camera shows the excellent performance of the lens.

With all the powerful hardware, OnePlus One is going to give its competitors a tough run for their money. The device is to arrive on 23rd April for less than $400.