Over the past few years, Finnish giant Nokia has emerged as a lead competitors in the smartphone segment with its Windows based Nokia Lumia  handsets and the company has managed to grab quite a bit attention due to its superior camera lenses. Last year’s Nokia release Lumia 1020 hosted a powerful 41MP showing the prowess of its camera lens.

However, just after when Microsoft took over the sales and operations of the company few days back, the Cupertino giant Apple seems to have banked on its opportunity and without making any delay it has invited Nokia Lumia’s photography head to Apple Inc. Lumia photography division head, Ari Partinen (pictured above) recently announced that he is leaving Nokia to join the Cupertino giant. Ari Paritnen is being considered as the brain behind Nokia’s class-leading camera phones like the Nokia N8 and Nokia 808 Pure View. Ari is likely to join Nokia next month, and it being expected that as the iPhone 6 camera would have been finalized till now, Ari will look for further projects and for future Apple products.

Apple has quite been focusing on its lens technology since long, and was badly needing a young and dynamic blood who could take up the tasks with lens at his/her hands. The iPhone 4 has earlier been announced to have the best camera, but then Apple has been struggling to keep up to the expectations. Well, we believe Ari’s arrival will surely bring a positive ray of hope to the company.