This era advocates healthy living, as ironic as it seems with all the technology around us now. Despite the people we see everyday looking down on their phones, busy with their tablets and isolating themselves from their environment, the other half of the world actually do efforts to improve their lifestyle – going to the gym after work, trying different kinds of diets, going outdoors on free days. What more could we add to this? Growing our own food? It seems a little impossible to materialize with the city life, but what if technology gives us a little help? Interesting, right?

This is where Niwa comes in the picture. The world’s first ever smartphone-controlled growing system. It is an automated hydrophonic grow box that can do the trick for the inner gardener in us amidst all the city lights, pollution and industrialization. Every step in the whole growing process is automated. The grow box is designed to bring out the perfect environment needed to produce healthy plants. It controls the humidity, temperature, light cycles, even the irrigation system. Basically, all you need to provide are information about the plants you want to grow, so it can make adjustments for its specific needs, and a monitoring system, which an app for iOS and Android can easily pull off.

This whole project is an initiative to show the world that it’s time to change how we grow, eat and live. Keep chemicals away from your meals and grow your own produce. You can now have your own little garden on a tiled-floor. It turns out that continuous progress on technology is not that detrimental at all. All Niwa units are predicted to be delivered on Jan 2015. Stay tuned for updates!