In highly competitive market of smart-watches as LG’s G Watch has started to move the shafts, we might wonder if it doesn’t show up with wide range of smart-watches. This Korean manufacturer has been noted to file a trademark  the W Watch, which is quite a signal to keep audience in confidence that there’s a storm coming from LG in smart-watches’ universe.


As it seems hard to decipher  what the alphabet ‘W’ actually stands for, but experts are pretending it as a wild guess that it’s just a casual name LG has taken up for the gadget. It’s quite a fun to observe that LG is up with a smartwatch.


It is quite promising that LG’s innovation ship is loaded with this as an alternative to the G Watch, somehow in a lower price range. The LG G Watch will be available starting June-July which somehow depends on the fact when LG shows up with LG G3.So, it’s undoubtedly going to be extremely busy couple of months for LG. We can just wish for more details regarding the LG Watch in the nearest future.