With last year’s rumours suggesting that Microsoft’s Surface team was working on a prototype smartwatch, Microsoft’s recent smartwatch patent should confirm to investors that Nadella is not letting Windows get stuck on the realms of computers and smartphones.

The patent outlines that the smartwatch would also act as a fitness tracker whilst featuring messaging,phone and music playback, functionality. The photos show that the watch face is designed to be “releaseably secured” and detach from the wristband. “This enables the user to conveniently remove the frame and band from the information device after exercise to wash the frame and band and to store the information device, band attached or not, in a dock which can facilitate charging and possibly data transfer while the information device is not in use,” the patent reads. The design will also allow the device be docked in exercise machines and equipment, becoming a personal fitness recorder.

The device will include an optical light sensor on the bottom of the watch while focussing on the health. It makes contact with the user’s skin in order to measure various exercise-related metrics such as heart rate. It is also suggested that the watch will feature GPS which will allowing tracking of the user’s position and route.



A removable electronic band will come in a red,black,yellow and blue colour. It is also thought to be made of oxynitride aluminium, a translucent form of the metal and will run a version of Windows 8.

 Microsoft will hold an event in New York City on May 20, allegedly to launch the long-rumored Surface Mini, as well as other products. There’s no indication, but a strong possibility of new Microsoft smartwatch appearance at the event. Anyone looking forward to a smartwatch from Microsoft?