Last Tuesday, on March 18 Microsoft officially launched its Microsoft Surface 2 Tablet with 4G LTE for AT&T. The Microsoft Surface 2 is powered with a Nvidia Tegra 4 processor, 2GB RAM and the 4G LTE version comes with the same 64GB of internal storage like its Wi-Fi only version. A simple and obvious addition from Microsoft includes a GSM micro-SIM card slot just beneath the volume rocker on the left edge.






This Windows RT 8.1 features a Microsoft Office 2013 for routine work, home work or even for keeping track of your data in Excel spreadsheet. The Microsoft Surface 2 is available unlocked and for the moment AT&T is the alone wireless service provider to carry it. The Microsoft Surface 2 is extremely light and easily portable to different places. In comparison to the 64GB iPad Air that is priced at $800, the Microsoft Surface 2 4G LTE comes at $679. It also has a built-in Micro HDMI, a full size USB 3.0 port. Grab the Microsoft Surface 2 4G LTE directly from the Best Buy here.