One of the newly fangled feature in iOS 8 is time-lapse mode in the native Camera app.It allow users to take a series of snapshots with a few second interval and in the end combines all the images into a video, which when played looks like a fast-forwarded video.

The time-lapse shooting mode is available alongwith priorly available camera modes, including photos, videos, square pics, panoramic shots, and slow-motion video. The results of a pair of quick time-lapse tests can be seen in the below video.It was shot from an iPhone 5s running iOS 8 beta.

While selecting the new time-lapse option, there are no options on the screen apart from the ability to choose between the front facing or rear camera. Once a series of photos are gathered, they are automatically zipped up and compiled as a video that is saved within the device’s Photos app. Standard trimming options for videos can be used to shorten the clip, while it can also be imported into more full-featured video editing tools like iMovie.

iOS 8 is currently in beta for developer testing phase. It is expected to launch on iPhone and iPad later this year. For more, stay tuned to Doi-Toshin for further updates.