Do you have already used password managers for your Smartphones? This is a well-known password manager for the iOS platforms and Apple’s Mac OS X users for many users. However, the same manager did not give you any better version for Android Smartphone because of different bug problems. The previous version did not allow you to edit login details and other things because of only read-only file.

The marker of the 1Password named AgileBits Company has developed many things and finally fixes the bugs for the Android 4 version Smartphones. The beta version was available at the end of the 2013 and still now improved many things.

June 10 Release Date of 1Password 4 for Android

However, AgileBits has planned to release via Google Play Store for the new version of Android. On the other hand, the app will be free from June 2014 to 1st August, 2014 for promotional purposes. From the starting, the price was $18 for iOS platform but there is not price info of 1Password 4 for Android till now.

AgileBits always provide a promotional marketing for the app free to the users and the strategy continuous. On the other hand, the price will be started at $8 before reaching to the $18 for the users. However, this is no official new version from the company about the pricing but it will be announced soon.

 1Password 4 for Android will be available free in the Google Play Store for the Android users to have a good security and privacy