Japanese Display Inc. (JDI) has developed a new 10.1” LCD module with ultra-high (3840 x 2160) 4K2K resolution.  Shipping of the samples has already begun. The new display uses the LTPS (low-temperature poly silicon) technology that consumes less power and has features such as low profile and narrow dead-band.

JDI display

Although the new 4K2K display has a high capacity, it consumes less power, only equal to that of the 10.1’ WQXGA LCD display  module which is based on the amorphous silicon technology.

Earlier we saw the 10.1” WUXGA 1920 x 1200 resolution with 224 PPI display in both Sony’s Xperia Z and Xperia Z2 Tablets. So it is possible that the new display developed by JDI might be for the next model of Xperia Tablet i.e. Xperia Z3 Tablet.

The 4K formats adopted by Sony for its phones, cameras, camcorders, TVs and video content also indicate the possibility of the company adopting the new JDI display for the Xperia Tablet’s next version.