One of the eye-catching features of HTC One M8 is the ‘Duo Camera’ or the Dual lens camera where a 4-Ultrapixel sensor works in tandem with a small camera which senses the depth. This allows the user to defocus some parts of an image.

The Taiwan manufacturer HTC has released its Software Development Kit (SDK) for the dual camera. Now any 3rd party developer can use the HTC One M8 DualLens and DimensionPlus  APIs in the SDK to build their own apps for the device by using the refocusing feature creatively to get new effects.


The DualLens API supports getting and managing a ‘bokeh’ strength map and the DimensionPlus API allows Parallax view so that the viewer can see the images from different angles. Meaning, if the handset is tilted, the same photo appears to be taken from a different angle. Developers can use these features to develop innovative uses for HTC One M8 image captures. Here is an image showing the role of DimsensionPlus API.


It remains to be seen how the developers use this Duo Camera feature in interesting new ways to write apps for HTC One M8. If you are a developer and wish to write an app using the Dual Lens SDK, get the SDK Preview here.