HTC is just going to unveil the much spotted, much awaited HTC One 2014 (M8) at simultaneous in London and New York. Many carriers with Verizon who is going to get the first pick in US along with Carphone Warehouse in UK, an online US retailer Welectronics has already kept the smartphone in stock and is ready for shipping.

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However, the price has been lifted to $999.99. And an unboxing video has been also released by the store to give proof about the actual unit. Observing the video closely, the device seems to be Verizon branded HTC One 2014 model.

Few days back, a similar Verizon unit had been spotted on eBay for $499.99 and has soon been bought by a lucky owner. Now, this might lead to some serious speculation about Verizon for leaking up the previous details. Well, stay tuned at Doi-Toshin Tech Reviews as will get you all the details as the device unfolds today ahead in the day.