honadjetsHonda is usually the manufacture of every affordable, practical, efficient and safe car in the transportation sector. It is also well known for manufacturing of motorcycles. To a few, it is also the developers of Asimo which is a perennially exciting humanoid robot that makes its appearances especially on trade shows. Actually, no one has ever though Honda can be in any case be a maker of aircraft jet.

Since 1980s Japanese has been doing researches of small jets and found out that Honda Jet as one with multimillion – dollar experiment over a decade ago, since 2003. It has six passengers’ cruises which goes up to 420 knots and about 0.63 Mach. This usually gets power from specific turbofans which are normally developed through a joint business enterprise with General Electric.


The fact which makes Honda Jet specific apart from it being developed by a company which normally makes Civic is the uniqueness of its engine mount that gives the plane its trademark look. Compared to other type of jet engine which mounts on both sides of fuselage, the Honda jets HF 120 Turbofans only rests on pedestals which usually raises from its wings. One of the Honda jet benefits is that it configures freely up significantly inside the cabin. It also has a bonus of just looking down right sci-fi.


This week Honda has announced the first construction of Honda jet in the final assemblage. All the process hasn’t been easy, their have been delays due to engine failure especially during testing but the company has made it clear its following for FAA certification in the 1st quarter of next year. Start saving, the aircraft will cost around $4.5 million when it will be on sale.