One of the major announcement at the WWDC 2015 besides the iOS 9 and Apple Music streaming services was the watchOS 2. The watchOS 2 is designed specially to add some new features to its much happening Apple Watch. This update aims to give more access to developers to explore the potential of the watch’s hardware, bring smoother performance and get more useful and user oriented apps. Let us check some of the new features that the watch OS 2 has to offer.

Photo Watch faces


Users of the Apple Watch will now be able to keep some of their favorite photos as a custom watch face. Moreover, you can make an album of all your photos that would like to see as your watch faces and sync. Thus every time you flip your wrist a new photo from the selected album will appear as your watch face. Apple also seems to have the timelapse watch face showing up some very beautiful images of the cities around the world and will change depending the time of the day. The additional good thing is that users will also now be able to customize their watch faces by adding additional information from third party apps.


Native Apps

Currently, the App logic requires pairing of the Apple Watch with your Apple iPhone. With watchOS 2 this will soon change and the logic will the indigenously operate on the Apple Watch giving out more smoother operation and better accessibility to the developers.


Travel Time and Nightstand mode

With the help of the Digital Crown you can move ahead in time and the watch will display the stats at that moment of time. By fast forwarding the time, the Watch will show you upcoming events and weather forecast for the hour you move to.


Your Apple Watch can even turn to be your side-table alarm. Just plug the charging cord and the watch goes into the “always on” mode showing up the clock like face and the hardware buttons turn into snooze and turn off keys.


More friends, Multi-color Digital Touch and Reply to e-mails

Users can now add more than 12 friends wherein you just swipe right to the next group and add more friends from your contact. The new multi-color Digital Touch can add more colors to your drawings. And finally, the good thing is that you can now reply to the –emails from the Watch directly. For this you need to pre-set “smart-replies”, emoji and voice dictation.

Add-more-friends Multi-color-Digital-Touch Reply-to-emails

Siri and Health App with third party integration

Apple’s personal Digital Assistant – Siri for the Apple Watch has now gone even smarter and is now capable of showing up the glances of app to start you workout.


Many if the users sometimes prefer third party apps to help them track their daily fitness schedule which come with different functionalities preferred by users as per their choice. The baked in Health feature on the Apple Watch would now welcome their results in its own Activity rings, gathering all the information in one place. These results can be shared to Facebook or other platforms.


Watch Kit and Home Kit

Watch Kit will now provide the developer access to accelerometer, speakers, microphone, Digital Crown, taptic engine and even enable short video playback. This will certainly help the developers to come with more useful apps in the coming future.

Home Kit will allow you to control through app the smart lights and other smart objects in your house.

WatchKit HomeKit