People in the Android community have been talking about this for a few months and now its finally here. The one and only world renowned super game publisher Valve has brought two of its most famous games to the Android operating system, but its not for everyone.

The hype started last week when Valve leaked a few pictures of what seemed like a port of Half Life 2 for Android. They also sent a crowbar which had the Half Life 2 logo on its side to a publication. As many of you might know, the crowbar is the first weapon that you are given in the game and its your trusted weapon for many levels in the game. This was a clear indication that something was gonna be announced soon.

Both games went on sale today for a price tag of $9.99. All the hype was pointing towards Half Life 2 and than Portal was released rather silently, but thats just how Valve does things. They know what they’re doing.

As of this release these games can only be played on the nvidia Shield. No other Android device is currently supported. This means that a lot of people will not be able to play Half Life 2 or Portal on their Android devices but there’s a chance that some hackers will take a shot at circumventing this restriction soon.

Half Life 2 And Portal Released For Android Devices - 2 - Doi Toshin

Both of these games have been around for quite some time  on the PC. Half Life 2 was released in 2004 and Portal was released in 2007. Both of these games have won numerous Game of the Year awards. Portal  has better graphics than Half Life 2.

Half Life 2 And Portal Released For Android Devices - 3 - Doi Toshin

Video games from major game developers are coming to the Android platform. Android devices are taking more and more of the portable gaming market from Sony and Nintendo. It should be interesting to see what they intend to do about it. Maybe they both should start migrating some of their services to iOS and Android, at least Nintendo seems to think so.