Google has been transforming itself through a lot of changes in to many of its Android applications of late, and the search-goliath has now focused its interest to the Google+ applications. A key modification is catching the heat for the official application of Google’s not-so-famous social network, highlighting a remodelled UI and a gamut of new and enhanced features.

The update showcases a colour-decorated action bar to the application, just like to what it has been on applications like Keep and Play Music. As far as features are concerned, Google has set up for Auto Awesome Stories – it will merge the photos, videos and the places visited by users into “stunning travelogues”. Moreover, it will add up the standard effects as observed on the Auto Awesome feature for picture. The update also features Auto Awesome Movies for Android, and also gives users authority to create lively animated GIFs and images and booth-style images on the display.

Other modifications include support for well-built libraries of pictures for faster access to multiple pictures, cataloguing of photos by date, a latest navigation menu for smooth switching which will help you to go through different dimensions of the application, cool way of content sharing, and more. Speaking of the update, it is till ‘under construction’ status and it will take time to reach towards everyone. Still, one can easily access and download the APK file from here below and update manually if waiting is something you can’t afford to do.