Just earlier this week, we saw the screenshots of the newly released Google Photos apps and the various features that it brings to the table. Yesterdays at the Goggle I/O event, search giant Google introduced its new photo application which is aimed to bring all your photos under one roof making it very easy for the users to have a quick access and share. The Google Photos would be serving as a centralized location for all your images and the images you would capture with the camera would be synchronized by this photo application and users would also be able to add images stored on other devices. The images could be uploaded in higher resolution with 16MP per image with no loss in the image quality. Up to these quality settings, users will get an unlimited space for storage. However, you can even upload large size images but this would be at the cost of occupying extra space of your Google Account. The great thing is that you can even upload videos with 1080p resolution.

The app in addition to just sharing your images can also manage them well. In addition to grouping the images with time, date or place, it can even group them when the same people are present in images by identifying the faces. No need of tagging the people, just tapping on the face will allow Google Photos to do the further magic. Additionally, this app can also look after editing of your images like color and light adjustments and others. It also allows users to make collages, animations, movies with sound tracks and many more things. There is a special Assistant feature that provides few suggestions made with the photos and videos like a story based on any recent trip.

However, if you want to keep your images secret in a vault, Google Photos even provide this facility. You can share the images via app to by generating a link to a gallery containing multiple images. The recipients can even add these images to their personal Photos space. Sharing of the images can be as fast as just holding your finger on an image and drag down to move to the sharing options . If you want to try out, this app is currently available for download on the Google Play Store. Check out the video below to get the better idea.

Google-Photos-recognizes-faces-when-grouping-your-images Image-editing-is-a-breeze-with-the-new-Assistant



source: Google