After releasing its Modular Development Kit few days back, Google has went out officially declaring that it’s going to release the Android update for Ara devices this December following which it will soon release its Ara phone in January 2015.  Project Ara basically aims to create a device wherein users according to their choice can customize its colors as well as the components needed in a device according to their choice. Different 3D printed textures would be made available thereby giving various module structures.

Google basically wants to solve the dilemma that most customer are facing. With everyday upgrading technology it takes just few months for your high-end device to look older. With the Ara smartphone where everything can be customized according to users need, users will be able to keep their primary smartphone at least for 5-6 years. Users would be able to change right from processors to camera modules. With such a flexible device it could be said that Ara could bring a new trend in this world of smart devices.