Gmail became the most popular email service in the world around two years ago. Now Gmail has reached another high. The Gmail app for Android crossed 1 billion downloads and has become Google Play Store’s first conventional app to have achieved this feat.


Actually, the Google Play Services had attained the 1 billion mark way back in January this year but since it is already preinstalled in devices running on Android 2.2 or higher version and having Google Play Store, it cannot really be counted as an achievement.

The Gmail app for Android reached the 1 billion milestone on May 6 as shown by the following figure from appbrain:


Gmail is automatically installed in Google Nexus and some other Google approved mobile phones but to cross the 1 billion mark, numerous other mobile users must have downloaded it. This shows the popularity of Google’s email.


The download counter shows the total number of unique accounts and not the total number of devices or individual users. It means that there may not be 1 billion active users of Gmail because the downloads logged may include duplicate accounts or accounts that have been later abandoned. In 2012, Google reported that it had 425 active monthly Gmail users worldwide. Looking to the immense popularity of Android phones, the number of active Gmail users must have grown substantially by now.