Good news for the tech junkies; there are rumors about Samsung s5 prime, which was expected to be released during the start of this year, might be landing in the markets soon. The s5 prime is supposed to be released in mid June, parallel to LG G3. Interestingly, both these devices will contain some amazing features like QHD display and a snapdragon chipset too. We might get to see a metallic design for s5 prime too.

Reports are coming that Samsung is planning to release s5 prime just a few days after LG G3 is been released. This is to ensure that Samsung could retain its market presence and goodwill. This way, Samsung s5 prime will become the substitute for the older s5 instead of LG G3.

The same rumors are coming from the homeland of Samsung, that the release of LG G3 will be followed by a release of S5 prime. It is been anticipated that the product will be released in mid-June in Korea. The S5 or Galaxy Kq’s price is going to be somewhere around $880. This is slightly higher than the price of S5, but within the reach of people. Besides, the price shall not mean much for all those who are curious about these new features added.

The news about release in Korea is been confirmed, but for the rest of the world, it is still suspense. Although we can expect the launch within a week of the release of LG G3, the expected date for announcement being May 27.

Anyways, whatever the market strategy of these tech giants is; it is good news for the customers, as they will get a variety to choose from.