Swedish telecom giant Ericsson aforesaid on Thursday that India’s mobile subscriber base can grow from 795 million in 2013 to 1145 million by 2020.

At the same time, smartphone penetration can grow from ten per cent or ninety million devices in 2013 to forty five per cent or 520 million devices by 2020, Ericsson aforesaid.

Head of Strategy &Marketing, Ajay Gupta, EricssonIndia, said“A robust user base and high-speed broadband network can essentiallymodification the methodfolks live, move and do business; with customers expecting dataconnectivity in any respect times, everywhere,” .There is a significant increase in usage of Mobile broadband with social media and net browsing, chat driving quitea 3rd of the mobile broadband traffic presently. Video consumption conjointly continues to grow, he said. Anomnipresent mobile broadband expertise for users could be a challenge at this time, with solelya 3rdhaving the ability to access the web over a mobile broadband network anytimethey attempt.

“Consumers price broadband and their hopes around expertisearea unit evolving quick. A couple of years back access wants were restricted to ‘some-time’, nowadaysit’s ‘real-time’, and it’s moving towards being connected all the time with access to prime quality content. Smartphones and MBB services are gettingcheaper. As a result, we have a tendency to tend to see the arrival of a different networked society in Republic of India as in numerouselements of the earthwhich can profit shoppers and businesses similar,” Guptaaforesaid.
He aforesaid users conjointlyprice superior network performance as they rate network dependability, coverage and speed because thehigh3 parameters for an honest mobile broadband expertise.

The customers today expect omnipresent and high-performing networks all overthey’re going said by Head – Engagement Practices, Ericsson India, NishantBatra. At asame time, completelywhollyunlike applications obtainingutilized by customers necessity extraand extra from the networks. as an example, if social media today is all concerning sharing photos and text, tomorrow it will be all concerning sharing HD video in real time.