If you are tired of getting a suitable channel to watch after work during travel to another city, you must face time wasting boringness because of any perfect channel to watch. In this case, Roku Streaming Stick is the best option that provides Pay-Per nightmare for any person that comes with HDMI port with Wi-Fi connection. As a result, you will be connected various channels like Amazon, Netflix and many more with this tiny $49.99 stick.


While Google and Amazon are adding more features to other competitive products, Roku Streaming Stick is cheaper and smaller for any person. Moreover, the durability of this HDMI portable streaming stick will give you chance to set up an account to arrange your favorite movies.

Roku Streaming Stick will be ready within 15 minutes to set download and log-in into your account! Also, your phone’s hotspot can be used when your hotel does not give any tech support too! Control things with black remote or Roku customized app that will give good options to set up every things.2


Of course, you will have a search option to search for any special program or movie available in the list. Moreover, Roku Streaming Stick has more features than Amazon and Hulu and gives faster streaming video with powerful service. Also, download videos and movies and categorized them according to A-list, B-list, C-list and so on!

Sometimes, you will also have access to the local channels and Roku Streaming Stick will show them to the TV as long as the videos are supportable with this. However, AirPlay feature does not work every time because of unsupported file types.

However, Roku Streaming Stick needs some longer time move to any other videos from one video than any other streaming device. However, the Roku 3 provides the best performance with faster connection via Wi-Fi and set to start on your TV.


With a simple package of Streaming Stick, you will have the best performance at cheapest rate in your TV to get good recreation. Just spend few minutes on Computer and TV that will give you easy set-up the device and starts to give thousands of option.