Internet auction site eBay and PayPal posted a message up on its community page urging users to change their account passwords. The message concerned eBay and PayPal users. The company has finally stepped forward and clarified the situation. The company said, nothing that a hacker may have compromised a database containing encrypted password and only non-financial data had been affected.

It always poses a serious concern to users when a major organizations database is hacked, especially millions of accounts with links to finances. Though eBay called it a potential breach and no financial information are leaked, the situation gives a lot of reason for the users to worry.

The issue appears to be relatively less serious however it’s strongly recommended to change your eBay and PayPal accounts.

Recently the security issues have decreased comparatively as the companies are spending more on security. However the robust security software and products leaves a loophole at some point, after all it’s a human made software will always inherently be imperfect. eBay and PayPal service would probably sweep this incident under the sheet, meanwhile let’s keep the fingers crossed that any future security breaches or hacks are dealt in a more effective and serious manner than this one.

A company like eBay must avoid such incidents in the future any cost. The company should have a discussion with PR team and assure peace of mind to its users.

Finally the take away is, if you are an eBay or PayPal user; consider changing your password without any further delay. Always choose a strong password and change it on regular basis for added security. Better you make it not easy for a hacker to guess or crack into your account.