Mobile technology has already achieved enough development efforts for every person. People are getting everything easier than before and started to depending on the mobile technology for different types of apps and features. A tap of a finger technology has given the Smartphone a new market along with other developed features. Dutch police is planning to use Samsung Galaxy S5 that comes with fingerprint scanning feature. On the other hand, the Dubai police are planning of using Google Glass for the daily rounds.

Android Planet has claimed a short report on the police plans that represents Dutch police is going to replace 35000 Samsung Galaxy S5 instead of blackberry Smartphones. The fingerprint scanner feature is the reason of choosing the new Smartphone while a social app will also be developed soon for the Dutch police in order to help them. Scanning documents and identifying the people will be the main purpose of using this Smartphone for Dutch Police. Dutch Police with Samsung Galaxy S5 will be seen probably in the starting of 2015.

dutch police with samsung galaxy S5

However, the deal is not set yet and no party has not confirmed about the deal too. However, the Police Spokesman Niels Nijman has reported that the negotiations and discussions are going on with the upper level as well as the Samsung Company.

At the same time, The Gulf News has reported that Dubai Police will soon start to use the Google Glass for erring motorist and getting information of wanted vehicles. However, the Dubai Police Smart Services Department is checking the device in order to get the suitable rate for the police.

General Director of Smart Services at Dubai Police, Colonel Khalid Nasser Al Razooqi reported that the Google Glass will be used for identifying the wanted vehicles and it will be easier to get the alert by taking the picture of a vehicle and compare it with the wanted list. With the access of the Google Glass in the police, it will be stronger and highly technical for them.