All the Canadian HTC One M7 phones are getting upgraded to Sense 6. This update will require 668MB space, so it is wise to use WiFi when you are upgrading your phone. This upgrade to Sense 6 is available for unlocked as well as developer versions of the device.
Developer And Unlocked Editions Of HTC One M7 Are Getting Sense 6

The upcoming Sense 6 upgrade is not the only the good news. New UI has better Blinkfeed version also. It comes with many more improvements including upgraded camera app.

Recently, HTC has moved some of its important HTC apps to Google Play for the users’ ease. Now with every update of these apps, there is no requirement to upgrade the complete operating system.

Sense 6 made a debut in HTC One M8. In M7, all the features of M8 will not get available after the update but a lot more will be changed that every user would love to enjoy.

HTC One M7 Sense 6

US carrier version cannot enjoy the upgrade for some times. According to the HTC page, the upgrade is still pending as it is in the certification stage now for the regular US carrier versions of the M7. HTC and other affiliated parties will test it more. Certification is the final step and the time required for the completion process is not known.

People who are using regular US carrier versions of the M7 need to wait a bit to enjoy this new update. But if you own a Developer or Unlocked model then you can surely download this upgrade and start enjoying this new update.