Casio’s experience
Years before people knew about smartwatches, the electronics giant Casio was manufacturing watches that could be used as a calculator, or a calender to remind one of his appointments, or even a weather station. It is quite surprising that with such an experience, Casio has not made a smartwatch so far. However, Wall Street Journal disclosed something really interesting in its lastest report. The report says that Casio will be joining the club of smartwatch producers, and it will be lauching its smartwatch in 2016.

A 1982 Casio model that helped the user to study English.

A 1982 Casio model that helped the user to study English.

Casio’s goals
People might get disappointed if they are expecting a tech masterpiece from Casio. The journal’s report says that Casio is going to focus more on durability and comfort rather than the technology. The report further says that Casio will offer a watch with some features that are already found on other smart devices. The company is not going to offer a smart device that is just a watch. According to Casio’s new chief Kazuhiro Kashio, the company’s objective is to introduce a device that feels good to wear, is simple to put on and that won’t easily break. As compared to Android Wear powered watches and Apple Watch, these are are very modest targets.

Price and lauching
Kazuhiro Kashio says that the Casio smartwatch is going to be affordable device. It’s cost is going to be comparable with the entry level Apple Sport which is $349. The expected date of lauching of the device is March 2016; it will be initially launched in Japan and USA. The target customers are men who are fond of sports and outdoor activities. According to Kashio, he expects the device to make a quick sales of $80 million; from there, the company will further expand the sales.

The question arises here whether the world requires a smartwatch with less features but is easy to put on. In less than a year, people will know whether the Japanese company is right or wrong.