Audience has announced its new generation series which includes advanced voice processors for smartphones featuring new far field and “barge-in” capabilities. The new series will include the stand along eS804 advanced voice processor, pictured while eS854 includes all the technology available in eS804 with additional Mountain View integration. Mountain View is a Calif-based chip designer’s latest Smart Audio Codec.

With the new far-field capabilities, the eS804 and eS853is able to do voice interfacing with a device at distances of up to five meters away from user whereas the new “barge-in” capability allows voice recognition to work during media playback without interruption. On top of that, another new feature, Voice Compass recognizes the position of the speaker relative to the device to improve speakerphone usage.

The VoiceQ technology which was introduced more than a year ago is going to be improved with the accuracy of user-trained keywords which is configurable to wake up a device and also perform other core functions. Some of these examples are the noise suppression algorithm based on the machine learning technique, SNRI improvements of more than 6dB which enables clear calls in challenging environments and also improved positional robustness for natural and smoother sounding voice quality when holding the device in any position.

Audience also introduced a new Voice-over-IP (VoIP) and speech recognition software package called Audience S1.0 which is targeted at x86-based PCs, tablets and 2-in-1s. The company’s first solution for PCs delivers clearer calls and more accurate speech recognition for users of Skype, Lync and other VoIP services.