Apple is reported to be developing Touch and Display Driver Integration (TDDI) in house for the next iPhone smartphone. The TDDI single chip solution is expected to come with integrated fingerprint sensor as well. Therefore for the next iPhone, there will be no more physical Home button, instead, the screen itself will have dual functionality, one is to unlock the device while another one is as navigational purposes.

In the recent years, Apple had already done some development internally. With the expansion of the in-house development by Apple, it is likely to make a huge impact on the external semi conductor companies worldwide. One thing for sure is that the order from the giant technology company will decrease than the previous years. However, if there is a huge demand from the consumer, it is most likely that Apple will need to outsource the manufacturing part to other companies to help them to fulfill the demands. Global semiconductor companies are also going through some changes. Since the beginning of this year, there are several big companies which merged or acquitted by other company. This includes Avago’s acquisition of Broadcom which is also one of the major Apple suppliers.

The next iPhone smartphone is rumored to be thinner and bigger display with the removal of Home button. However, nothing can be confirmed until now.