Apple announced a lot of new features in the next iOS 9. Some of them are the news service and Beats service. In the last WWDC 2015, Apple revealed that the news app will bring multiple articles across multiple web locations. Even though during the presentation, the company only showed samples from major news publishers which also are the company’s partners, Apple also mentioned that smaller news outlets will also be able to send their own RSS feeds.

On top of that, if we take a look at most of the job listings that Apple has posted in the past few weeks on their website, it is hinted that most probably Apple is planning to manually selected the articles that are going to be published in the News app. On the job listings, it is posted that Apple is looking for candidates who are majored in Journalism and with five or more years of experience in newsroom. Moreover, they should be able to identify the most suitable articles based on the categories and scopes.

Apparently, Apple has taken a different approach from Google or other apps. Google relies on algorithms to detect the best news for each category while Apple plans to do it manually. Another example is one of Apple’s playlist for Beats service by the name of Beats 1, apparently Beats 1 is manually created by actual DJs whereas Spotify uses algorithms to select the songs that the listeners would most likely to enjoy.

iOS 9 will be released this fall.