iphone 6 leak

Iphone 6

There are leaks about the to-be-launched apple i-phone 6 all over the internet. Information about the design and new features, and photographs are been posted on the internet.  The latest of the leaks shows a simple 3D representation of the phone. Someone in the supply chain allegedly clicked the photos. It is been said that they are leaked from China and clicked using a low-resolution camera.

One of the similarities found is the rounded corners on the device. The dimension revealed is 138.14 mm x 66.97 mm. This shows that apple has chosen to continue with its thin device just like i-phone 5s; albeit, the thickness of the device could not be measured. 

To improve the grip, apple has shifted the power key from left to the right side of the phone. The volume buttons are longer and the lozenge shape of the flash is been changed to an oval. 

In the end, we would recommend you to be doubtful about these revelations even if you believe that the next i-phone will possess the features mentioned above. There have been few other leaks on iPhone 6 and you can track the latest leak here.

With the leaks so far, it can be assumed that we might get waterproofed iPhone 6 and a slimmer one as compared to the 5s.