Ever since Angry Birds has been launched, the game has successfully managed to win hearts of millions. Applying the laws of motion physics, the game is an absolute extravaganza where Angry Birds through slingshot take the necessary projectile for hitting pigs. Over the period of time, the game has witnessed many upgrades with many new series following the first successful version. However, Rovio-the company behind the game is now planning to launch a new Angry Bird Epic. It is believed that Rovio will now take a shift from the conventional slingshot action and the Angry Birds Epic is believed to be a turn based RPG.

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The new Angry Birds Epic will be an adventure based on turn-based combat system and is soon believed to be made available on all three platforms of iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

The current available details show that the developers have poured some unique crafting system as the game moves along a storyline. All the armors and weapons needed in the game will be available and a facilitation of in-app purchase will also be provided. Here is the video for the game.