Undoubtedly, Android is currently the largest mobile operating system on the planet. But the OS whose roots were laid upon an decade ago will no more have its creator along with it. Yes Andy Rubin the creator or we may say the brain behind this wonderful OS is now leaving the Mountain View based search giant. Recent reports from The Wall Street Journal show that both Google and Andy Rubin have confirmed the departure and it is said Rubin would be now working on his next project that involves making an incubator for some of the start-ups that are interested in building technology-hardware products.

However, it was 19 months back, when Andy Rubin stepped down as the Android team head and Sundar Pichai took over and is still leading it today itself. Before working on Android, back in 2000, Andy Rubin had co-founded Danger, Inc. after which in 2003 he co-founded Android Inc that was later being sold to Google in 2005.

Back in March 2013 when Rubin departed from the Android Team, he said that he was “an entrepreneur at heart” and considered then that it was “the right time” for him “to start a new chapter within Google.” Well, he still remains an entrepreneur and is starting a new chapter but without Google this time. We are sure that Andy will certainly keep inspiring the entire tech industry with his new creations. We thank him for his immense contribution to the tech industry.